What is the Therapeutic Community Model?

Recovery Works is a proud believer in the residential therapeutic community model approach to treating addiction and substance abuse. This means we foster a residential treatment environment that encourages our clients to self-help and make a complete lifestyle changes as opposed to focusing solely on abstinence from drugs. Addiction treatment has to take the whole person into account including your physical, behavior and mental health

An essential aspect of this type of treatment is the way we view relapse. Although relapse can be dangerous, we also believe in viewing them as potential learning experiences and not as failures or signs of weakness. Each time you’ve turned back to drink or drugs, you’ve had a chance to learn what triggers you to abuse substances. Combined with the proper counselling and support, you can grow from these setbacks.  

In a therapeutic community or TC model, our staff members treat recovery from a substance use disorder as the gradual, non-linear treatment process it is. To get better, you’ll restructure your patterns of response, thinking and behaviour under the guidance of clinical specialists.

Your caregivers facilitate change in a group therapy setting, which helps you to become more prosocial in a TC program. This involves teaching the importance of hard work, resilience and honesty and inspiring your desire to learn. As you progress along your recovery journey, you’ll gradually assume more and more personal responsibility. When you’re ready for re-entry following your substance abuse treatment, we’ll help you to find opportunities for learning new problem-solving skills and developing your career.

Our Method

12-Step Philosophy

We are an abstinence-based recovery facility with a foundation in the 12-Step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous. While in our treatment program for alcohol addiction or drug abuse, great care is taken to introduce and implement these Steps into the lives of our residents. This is found through all aspects of care whether it be the clinical side or through experiential therapies.

The real efforts of recovery take place in aftercare following the completion of drug treatment. With a foundation in the 12-Steps, our residents have a ready made continuing care program by attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, working with sponsors and being of service to others.

Our TC residents actively follow-up and participate in AA and NA in Victoria and attend meetings daily, get sponsors, undertake service work as well as complete at least the first 5 of the 12-Steps while in treatment.



We believe that chronic drug use and drug addiction includes a destructive lifestyle that needs to be changed. Recovery from the lifestyle requires a holistic, TC approach that challenges deeply ingrained behaviours and teaches healthy alternatives.

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