Self- Assessment Test for Drug Addiction

The following questions are to be used merely as a guide for identifying possible signs of addiction. Please be aware that patterns of drug use may vary enormously between individuals and test results should therefore not be used as a substitute for clinical diagnosis.

Please provide us with your contact details so that we can discuss the results of your assessment with you. There is no charge for this service.

Self-Assessment Drug Addiction
1. Do you use any illegal drugs, including marijuana and / or non-prescribed doses of prescription medication? *
2. Do you regularly exceed the dosage of over-the-counter medicines such as painkillers, cold medicines, laxatives, diet aids or sleeps aids? *
3. Have you ever gone to a different doctor to get larger quantities of a medicine than your doctor prescribed? *
4. Do you purchase drugs or medicines through unlicensed strangers or dealers? *
5. Are some of your closest friends users of recreational drugs? *
6. Have you failed to keep a promise to yourself or others that you would stop taking drugs? *
7. Imagine that you no longer have any of your favourite drug but you need to pay for something and you only have enough money for one thing. Would you buy the drug? *
8. Do you hide your drug use from friends, family, work colleagues or people in authority? *
9. Do you combine drugs or medicines with drinking alcohol to enhance the effects? *
10. In the last year, have you done anything while you are using drugs that you regret? *
11. Do you hide your drugs while carrying in the car or on your person? *
12. Have you missed work in the last year because of drugs or withdrawal? *
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Advice for Families and loved ones

Drug addiction is a disorder that can cause enormous harm and distress to families. For this reason, we welcome enquiries from family and loved ones which will be treated in strictest confidence.

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