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Holistic drug rehab focuses on the relationship between substance use disorders and the mind, body and emotions. When one of these aspects is off-balance, it throws the others off. The role of rehabilitation is to begin the process of restoring equilibrium by treating your physical and mental health. With this approach to alcohol or drug addiction treatment, you can expect to engage in a variety of modern therapeutic interventions as well as traditional therapy.

With holistic rehab, we aim to heal the whole person by using education, promoting a healthy lifestyle and employing the most cutting-edge techniques and methods in addiction therapy. Not only does this help you overcome your affliction in the short term, but it protects you against relapse — provided you attend aftercare and maintain the self-care practices you learn.

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What is Holistic Drug Rehab?

No one chooses to be an addict,. There is a complex mix of factors that interact and cause you to turn to drugs or alcohol. Holistic rehab aims to use as many modern techniques as possible to help you to gain a deeper understanding of your motivations. Different methods are effective for different individuals, and these types of addiction services give clients access to a wide range of treatment plans. Once you have a clearer knowledge of what drives you to use alcohol or drugs and you’ve found a style of therapy that’s effective for you, you’re in the best position to maintain long-term recovery.

While at holistic therapy, you’ll also learn to make vital lifestyle changes including diet and exercise as well as the importance of healthy social contact. Technology and modern science are giving sufferers of addiction new ways of managing their emotions. You explore these methods in holistic drug rehab in addition to traditional counseling methods that rehab facilities have used successfully for years.

group therapy for addictionHolistic VS Traditional Rehab

Holistic rehab provides the same basic approach to treating substance use disorders as traditional rehab, but with additional therapy and activities. Traditional rehab follows the disease model for addiction and uses a few evidence-based styles of counseling services to help treat clients. The holistic model goes a step further, aiming to delve deep into your emotional well-being by offering complementary therapy and activity sessions.

With holistic addiction treatment, the foundation of your care is the idea that your behavior is connected to your thoughts, feelings and experiences. When one aspect of your psyche is overwhelmed, traumatized or underdeveloped, it can impact your entire life. This gives you a better chance of getting to the root of the problem.

Benefits of Holistic Therapy in Addiction Treatment

  • Clients get the opportunity to explore the ways drug or alcohol addiction has affected various aspects of their health and well-being.
  • Along with attending formal individual and group therapy sessions, you’ll take part in activities aimed at relaxing you and making you feel comfortable throughout the healing process
  • By working hard to address all the ways substance abuse has affected your life, you put yourself at a decreased risk of relapse. To overcome addiction, you need to form new habits and resist using the unhealthy coping mechanisms you learned previously. The holistic approach increases your likelihood of understanding what drives you to use substances which increases your chances of recovery.
  • Holistic recovery programs help to show you which therapy methods are most effective for you by providing more treatment programs than traditional drug or alcohol rehab. Addiction recovery is an ongoing process; experiencing a more extensive range of techniques puts you in a better position to plan aftercare.

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When you’re deciding which rehab centre to attend, pay close attention to the treatment options they have available to you. A holistic programme is likely to include a broader range of therapy and wellness than traditional rehab. To find out more about what we offer here at Recovery Works in Victoria, British Columbia, call one of our advisers at +1-778-430-1212.

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