Crack Addiction Treatment Program

Crack is a derivative of the drug cocaine. It is created by the mixing of cocaine with water and either ammonia, or baking soda, which is boiled. The resulting compound when hardened is flaked off into a salt rock looking form. This form of cocaine was developed to reach more individuals as more pure forms of cocaine tend to be much more costly.

Crack is a highly addictive drug. Some areas of North America are still recovering from the epidemic-type struggles that developed with the selling and abuse of crack in past decades. Crack is a derivative of cocaine, a stimulant. Crack addiction is also treatable with effective programs and therapies. A proper drug rehab program can save lives when it comes to this kind of addict.


The most effective approach for crack cocaine addiction is holistic using a range of diverse group and individual interventions while the client lives in a therapeutic community. The group recovering together with the support of experienced clinicians creates real change and the basis to stay clean and sober for the long term. 

As important as primary care/treatment, is affordable and effective continuing care. Addiction doesn’t occur in a few weeks and the addict needs to keep working on their program of recovery to keep their disease in remission.

The focus of treatment at Recovery Works is on the group process with therapy and programs that address personal struggles. This is coupled with a strong emphasis on Continuing Care through Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  We encourage you to call today for more information or a free assessment at +1 778-430-1212.

Website content written by Lowell Monkhouse, MA, ADC – Addiction Counsellor and Trauma Therapist

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