Please review the following guidelines before applying for admission to Recovery Works.

All admissions to the program are voluntary; referrals may be initiated by the individual, physicians, service providers, and/or the criminal justice system.

A telephone assessment must be completed by our staff to determine eligibility prior to admission.

drug and alcohol addiction treatment
Recovery Works Addiction Clinic


  • Men 18 years of age and older
  • History of alcohol and drug abuse
  • All criminal charges must be resolved
  • Must be stable in regards to mental health symptoms and medications
  • No significant mobility impairments that would impede program participation


  • Prior convictions for arson and sexual offenses
  • Taking any narcotic medications (with the exception of Suboxone/Methadone)
  • A medical examination may be required prior to admission
  • Applicants must be adequately withdrawn from drugs and alcohol for a minimum of 5 days before coming to Recovery Works.

If you’re ready to get started or have additional questions please call +1-778-430-1212 or contact us.

Note on Program Rules

In order to maintain the highest degree of safety and respect for our residents, we have well-defined rules and guidelines. Potential clients must understand that violating any of following three cardinal rules may result in immediate discharge from the Recovery Works treatment program.

The following are absolutely prohibited:

  • The use and/or possession of drugs and medications (including over the-counter medications), including alcohol.
  • Engaging in acts of physical violence.
  • Engaging in sexual activity with other residents while in treatment; in general, there is to be no sexual contact with anyone on the property.

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