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As a 10-bed, affordable alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre for men, Recovery Works offers a proven and affordable solution for long-term sobriety.

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  • The highlight was seeing my family member recover. Sober for the longest period in thier entire life. The miracle of sobriety came and went. However recovery sometimes takes more than one attempt to find long term recovery. This is the only recovery center in Western Canada that reach out over and over again. They continue to care. They love my family đź‘Ş ❤ member like I do. Recovery Works is in it for the long haul. Fighting the disease of addiction needs longterm committed Proffessionals. Just like many medical diseases, Addiction is a life long disease. These professionals have lived it. They will be there, over and over again for you and your family. If you love someone with addiction this is the best of the best. Treating the trauma and the family is your best bet to help halt the damaging effects of this disease. Hope lives here. Tiniki my friends.

    Moe C. Avatar
    Moe C.
  • Our son had been through 2 other centres with no success. Recovery Works was the first place to fully treat the mental health aspect as an importantant part of getting better. He was on a downward spiral and Recovery Works has managed to turn him in the right direction, saving him and giving him a brighter outlook for the future. Thankyou to the staff at Recovery Works Canada

    Val S. Avatar
    Val S.
  • I came to Recovery Works knowing I had a problem with Alcohol. I left knowing I had a solution. At first getting on a plane and going to get help was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make... but it has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. The AMAZING staff and holistic program helped me to truly find myself again in so many ways. I found answers to my problem, true inner peace through the yoga, meditation and discourse in group sessions. I found friends for life who truly cared about the roots of what was going on in my behaviour. I got back into top physical shape through proper diet and exercise with world class trainers. Did I mention... the food was incredible!? I am very proud to call myself an alumnus of Recovery Works and HIGHLY recommend for anyone seeking a fundamental change in their life to have the courage and love for themselves to take advantage of the miracle that this beautiful home in Victoria BC offers. Paul, Lowell and Connor: I thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️🙏

    Phil L. Avatar
    Phil L.
  • After 35 years in AA, I understand both the need for knowledgeable help to recover from alcoholism and the difficulty in obtaining it. Upon his retirement, my son's drinking became hopelessly unmanageable. He reluctantly entered Recovery Works in near-death despair after a family intervention. Within the first week he gained hope. He began to speak positively about Alcoholics Anonymous, the fellowship he had sworn never to embrace. His overwhelmingly negative outlook brightened as he realized his problems were not unique, nor insurmountable. I believe the counseling, fellowship, discipline, exercise, and nourishing meals of Recovery Works combined to turn his world around. He was released into the pandemic chaos of April, 2020 after 30 days of treatment. He is dealing with the new reality as a sober, positive and healthy man. Amazing. This week he is 3 months sober. Miracles happen.
    John W., a grateful father.

    John W. Avatar
    John W.
  • It’s simple, I’ve witnessed all that the staff put into the operation and support of their clients. It’s really impressive

    Michael M. Avatar
    Michael M.
  • The fatal grip of alocholism had already taken one son. Just two years later his brother neared the same end, strenuously resisting the hope offered by treatment and Alcoholics Anonymous. We finally pushed him through the doors of Recovery Works. We prayed, but were not convinced that its 30-day program could save him. Then the miracle occurred. He got a glimmer of hope. Within days he responded to counselors and a trauma expert. A life-long "loner," he began to engage with fellow clients in group sessions, to understand he had choices. Exercise, nutrition, and outings restored long-lost fitness (and 15 healthy pounds). Thanks to Recovery Works, our beloved son is sober, positive and well on his way to a healthy future. Our happiness and gratitude are unbounded.

    Willy P. Avatar
    Willy P.



The treatment approach is a modified therapeutic community model and is based on abstinence and the 12-Step program combined with research based leading edge technology.

Our 10-bed facility offers top quality residential treatment and amenities. Not only do we offer a carefully curated program individualized to each client’s needs, we offer affordable pricing compared to our competitors We offer what much more expensive competitors offer and more.

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Discover our Drug Rehab in Victoria, BC

Canada’s Most Beautiful
City with A Huge Addiction
Recovery Community

The Recovery Works addiction treatment centre is located in a beautiful James Bay historic residence, a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean. Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off Canada’s Pacific coast. The Greater Victoria area is the 15th most populated Canadian metropolitan area.


We believe that chronic addiction includes a destructive lifestyle that needs to be changed. Recovery from the lifestyle requires a holistic approach that challenges deeply ingrained behaviours and teaches healthy alternatives. Our professional staff function as facilitators, guides, and role models. Together the residents, staff and alumni make up a supportive community in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


man attending alcohol rehab in victoria bc canadaALCOHOL REHAB

Alcoholism is treatable and while there is no cure, alcoholics can stay sober. Each day more individuals are getting sober and walking away from their struggle with alcohol. There are many people who were chronic alcoholics who have been able to stop drinking alcohol for decades. 

For many, it takes a treatment program and an effective and affordable continuing care program. It often takes years or even decades to become an alcoholic and long term sobriety won’t be found in a few weeks. That is why continuing care and support groups are so important.

Below we address how alcoholism impacts us and what treatment options are available to recover from active alcohol addiction or alcohol use disorder past just short-term solutions and help during initial alcohol withdrawal. 

women talking at drug rehab in victoria bc canadaDRUG REHAB 

If you’re unable to control the amounts of drugs or alcohol you consume and it’s negatively impacting your life, you’re likely suffering from a substance use disorder. The best way to address this medical condition is by attending an addiction treatment program at a specialist rehab clinic. Residential rehab allows you to remove yourself from any triggers and temptations at home and immerse yourself in the recovery community.

With medical staff on hand around the clock to help clients if they require it, inpatient drug rehab is the safest place to undergo drug withdrawal. It gives you the opportunity to form strong bonds with the community which leads to more open, honest and rewarding therapy sessions.


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